... NFL Legend Brett Favre Dead At 53

NFL Legend Brett Favre Dead At 53


Just days after returning to the public spotlight amidst a huge scandal involving millions of dollars of misappropriated COVID relief funds, Brett Favre, One of the greatest to ever suit up and play the game of football, was killed in a single car accident just a few miles from his Sumrall, Mississippi home Sunday evening.

No specifics about the accident have been released other than the time of the accident (Shortly before 5:00 PM est), the fact that only Favre was involved, and the news that the accident was fatal.

Favre played in the National Football League for nearly two decades, and his numbers were staggering; a Super Bowl Title, 3 NFL MVP Awards, and more than 70,000 yards, 500 touchdowns and 200 wins, respectively, and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brett Favre was known affectionately by many as 'The Gunslinger', a nod to his tendency to gamble frequently (often successfully) on the field and his sometimes child-like joy in playing the game of football.

Favre is survived by his wife and two adult daughters. 

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