... Alabama Coach Nick Saban Retirement Plans Leaked

Alabama Coach Nick Saban Retirement Plans Leaked

 There isn't much to say about Nick Saban's coaching career that the numbers don't already make clear.  Half a dozen National Championships.  An almost perennial seat in the CFP.  More NFL players than some conferences produce.

It would seem the only thing left to say is goodbye, and with the news leaking on the eve of the Iron Bowl, it appears that time may soon arrive.

Rumors began to circulate on Twitter Friday evening when Former coach Urban Meyer was spotted on campus in Tuscaloosa, and within hours a number of sources close to the program revealed that Saban will be hanging up his whistle once the Crimson Tide completes the 2022 season.

While Saban has yet to make a formal announcement, he has made a number of cryptic statements with regard to the future of the Alabama football program in recent weeks, driving speculation across the media.

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